My peace lily bloomed TWO flowers on it this season, that is goddamn amazing. Well to me atleast. I didn’t even think I could keep it alive honestly. Now it’s like a pet, you pay enough attention and you figure out what it needs to live. Peace lilys thankfully are forgiving.

When people treat you like they don’t care, believe them.

-Oprah (via lopmon)

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Always lonely.


Schmetterling-Skulpture Butterfly Sculpture, 2000 by rebecca horn

Kabyles silver, enamel and coral necklace from Algeria | ca. more than 100 yrs old 
St.Vincent„ Issa Farroh
Happy here this morning. 7am sunrise and I can feel it coming in through my windows.

Give your energy into the negativity and then you are it.


Albino squirrel

Beautiful fucking creature