I hope you suffer

I faced destruction and you just killed me and walked away
I gave my heart to the cruel
Now it will not beat again


I am lucidity, dust motes and tiny rays of sun peaking through the blinds. Walking on jell-o and poking the first damn hole, metaphorically (oh there’s gotta be a better metaphor out there ;)). You know? My mind slips up. I miss the days. I’m barely here, barely alive, and certainly not awake. I’ve become comfortable enough.. I’m the well adjusted psycho the doctors always knew I could be! Only rarely anymore do I panic. It comes in waves. Waves and windows.There are windows..you’re healed! They never stay (not for me), all of the negative emotion avoided during that ‘window’ comes from around the corner and knocks me face to pavement before I have time for any logic! That’s the wave! And such is a mental relapse. As is insanity..Is the definition.

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A friend gave this to me„ so fucking tickled right now (^o^)

My peace lily bloomed TWO flowers on it this season, that is goddamn amazing. Well to me atleast. I didn’t even think I could keep it alive honestly. Now it’s like a pet, you pay enough attention and you figure out what it needs to live. Peace lilys thankfully are forgiving.

When people treat you like they don’t care, believe them.

-Oprah (via lopmon)

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Schmetterling-Skulpture Butterfly Sculpture, 2000 by rebecca horn

Kabyles silver, enamel and coral necklace from Algeria | ca. more than 100 yrs old